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  1. Chessy grins & DV Beginnings

    Pete first dusts off the DV Tapes and begins his commerical filmmaking journey with his trust Canon XL2... look at his fresh little face!!

  2. "The Sound Designer"

    Aj begins his career in post production as a sound designer working on productions for the likes of the BBC, ITV and numerous commericals, adverts and indie films. This may or may not be a photo form the time...

  3. Ingaf is Born

    Ingaf is born. Pete & Aj bring their years of experience in video and film production together to start Ingaf, an outsourced video production and marketing studio.

  4. Banger Rally Challenge 2015

    First Feature Length Production

    2015 saw the first full Ingaf production. Producing a feature length, 90 min documentary telling the story of a 150 car, transeuropean banger rally.

  5. 120FPS Begins

    The Ingaf Camera news publication 120FPS is launched. Bringing the third Ingaf publication to life. 120FPS produces Camera News, Equipment Reviews & Tutorials for audience of new & enthusiast content creators.

  6. Ingaf Studios Born

    Multi-Platform, Multi-Channel production studio, Ingaf takes its full form. Producing content for an international audience across numerous technology and news publications. From online magazines, email newsletters, YouTube Video content and podcasts to millions of viewers, readers & listeners every month.

  7. Silver Play Button

    YouTube Creator Awards for surpassing 100,000 subscribers. This landmark capped off the first year of being a publishing company seeing our channels amass 6.1 million views on YouTube across our channels.

  8. Silver Play Button #2

    Our second YouTube channel to surpass 100,000 subscribers. This channel now amasses over 1 Million viewers every day!

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