The INGAF process

Every business that comes to INGAF is different & their needs are equally as varied. What we pride ourselves is providing more than just the usual video production or website, but going above and beyond the norm and creating a bespoke service that not only solves your problems but makes your business remarkable.

The Problem

We work with you & your business to identify the areas of need and to hone in on the services we can provide which will create the best ROI for you.

The Creative Spark

Creativity and making your business look great is what we thrive on. We don't just provide you with a standard digital marketing product, we create a bespoke and tailored service to make your businesses marketing remarkable.

The INGAF Solution

When a business has any of it's marketing or communication powered by INGAF, it doesn't just get an ordinary product, but instead a full scale bespoke service. Helping to ensure our clients get a far wider reach, communicate in a remarkable way and ultimately create success.


Our monthly marketing plans are tailored for your needs. Whether you're a start-up looking to launch your brand or a existing enterprise pushing a new product to market, Ingaf can manage the full process of marketing for you on a month by month basis.


INGAF don't just produce the ordinary. We make sure that our clients marketing & communication is planned with the very best ideas and utilises the latest trends, to ensure that companies that are powered by INGAF are propelled to success.


By 2017, video will account for 69% of all consumer internet traffic & with 7/10 people viewing brands in a more positive light, after watching video content from them; it's clear that video content is central to good digital marketing. That's why video is a key part of the INGAF mix, from short content videos to full scale corporates and adverts we've got it covered for you and only to the very finest standards.


A good website is your businesses window to the world, your digital shop-front. At INGAF we produce websites that aren't just functional, but exceptional. We build these with the latest technologies to ensure key things, such as mobile responsiveness. Beyond this though our design is centred around the users experience, so your website is beyond the ordinary & guaranteed to engage your customers.


From Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), content marketing to campaign planing & management and everything in-between, when any part of your marketing or communication is powered by INGAF, we help ensure your business becomes remarkable.